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Which Social Media Should I Use ?

At present, there are a lot of social media website. But, some of them are more popular than others. For an example, we can say name as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. Sometimes, people are confused which website they should use or which is the best for them to use. In this article, I will explain which is the best for you.

Dears, to use social websites, at first, you have to think about your object why you will use these. Here’s some object I will explain and tell which is the best by object.

If you want to use social website for just passing the time with recreation and socialism I suggest you to use Facebook and Messenger as first ranked. With this, you can use Instagram. Besides, if you like to watch videos, you have to use Youtube.

Facebook has a large number of users in any country. So, you can pass your time in this site with a great joy. You can pass your time here by contacting your relative or friends easily. Somebody want to use Facebook as a source of traffic for their website. But, I can’t support this. Although, Facebook is cheaper than other sites, it has a less number of quality people. You can get traffic but not quality people for your business.

In this regard, you can use Reddit or linked in. In these sites, you can get more quality people from first world countries. Linkedin and Reddit are more useful to marketing. After these two sites, you can use Pinterest for marketing. But, you should remember that these three are more expensive. In spite of being expensive, I suggest you to use these three to promote or sell your products and grow up your business.

If you like to share your great moment, I suggest you to use Instagram or Pinterest. Because, these sites are mainly visual sharing websites. In these two, you have to share everything with an images. Like others, these are not writing based websites.

Dears, if you want to share video with your creativity, you have to use Youtube. In this platform, you can earn by uploading videos by following some rules. You can share and watch videos in Youtube. So, this is the greatest site to pass your leisure time.

At last, if you want to share your little opinion or announcement, I suggest you to use twitter and Tumblr. In these two, you can share a limited characters based opinion or announcement, For this reason, these two are called micro blogging website. Besides, you can use twitter to promote your business though it is not best.

After all, you can share your website link on all social platforms. Now, it can be said that Facebook and messenger are for socialism and passing time in gossiping. Instagram and Pinterest are for sharing moment in an image. Twitter and Tumblr are for sharing a little characters based opinion and announcement. Linkedin and Reddit are for business and corporate use. Youtube is for sharing videos and earning money.

Now, I think it has been easy for you to decide which website you should use. So dears, have a nice day in social media. Best of luck.