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Best Web Hosting Provider In The World Forever | Mehedi Shemul

To know about the best web hosting, we need to know about what the web hosting is. Then, we can know what is the best.

At present, there are many websites in this world. These websites publish many contents to the users. These contents like images, posts, videos etc are stored in their server. Basically, the server is a storage. This is a virtual storage like your computer hard drive. Provider serves this storage to the webmasters through online. Although, it is a storage in a certain computer, but it can be shared to many webmasters for their websites with a control panel. Webmasters can control their limited storage from home online.

It means, the website runs by a server with an online storage provided by any company. Mainly, this server with storage is called web hosting. In another words, this is an online storage for that website to run and store data. Webmasters can control it with cpanel. Provider provides this individual cpanel to the webmasters. Webmasters can buy this storage with a limit of size like 1 GB or more.

Why need this ?

If you can create a website, you need to buy a domain. Then you can create your website and upload contents. But, where will this website be stored ? And, How can it run or be visible to the users ? To give the answer, we have to say that your website and contents will be stored in a server storage when you upload something. In above, you have already know that this storage is web hosting.

The another importance is to run. Your website will be visible to the users through this server. Remember that your website will not be run or visible to the users without this hosting. So, you should realize the importance of hosting for a website that you want to create and run.

Why need to know hat is the best web hosting ?

Now a days, you can see a lot of hosting providers in the world if you search in google. But, most of them have a poor service for users. They offers very cheap rate. And, new users are trapped. They have some limit in their services like bandwith limitation. It is a great problem for webmasters. Because, any website needs unlimited visitors per month. But, these kind of provider can’t provide this feature.

As a result, website will be down after reached a limited traffics. To avoid this great problem, you need to know about the website without having this problem. Here, we have discussed about all websites without having this bandwith problem. So, you can learn without any hesitation.

Some best web hosting providers

At present, there are many companies in this world to serve hosting for website. Here, we have mentioned some major and the best web hosting providers to discuss about their service. Because, these are the most popular hosting provider companies. We will discuss in brief about these so that you can take proper decision to purchase perfect hosting for your website. They are:

01. Namecheap
02. Hostgator
03. Godaddy
04. Mochahost
05. Whois
06. Bluehost
07. Hostinger
08. Hostpapa
09. Siteground
10. Dreamhost
11. A2hosting

Now, let’s go to the discussion about this providers with the details of their services.

01. Namecheap web hosting

In the year of 2000, Richard Kirkendall founded this company to serve website related services like domain name registration and hosting for website. The office of namecheap is in Los Angeles, California, United States. This is a privately held company.

Namecheap gives shared hosting, wordpress hosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting and dedicated server hosting for individual and different users. Users can buy hosting for their websites with a limit of 20 GB, 50 GB and without limit it means unlimited hosting package on shared hosting.

Namecheap is famous because of it’s discount policy for first time purchase. This company has feature to buy a hosting in monthly or yearly packages. It gives 50% discount on first time purchase. It is the most popular hosting provider in the world. Because, namecheap gives the most features in the cheapest rate. They give free domain with 5heir hosting packages.

The great feature of namecheap is to use at least 3 websites in a single hosting like 20 GB package. This a better package for new webmasters.

In wordpress hosting, it gives 23-50% discount on first time purchase. But, users must purchase for one year to get this discount.

In reseller hosting, you can get 6-10% discount offers. You can create your hosting business with this package.

In VPS hosting package, you will get 15-21% discount on first year purchase. They sell a limited quantity of dedicated servers to users. Namecheap accepts credit or devbit card, cryptocurrencies  and paypal as payment method. So, if you have a little amount of money, namecheap is the best for you with a small limited package.

02. Hostgator web hosting

Brent Oxley founded hostgator on 22nd October, 2002. It is also a USA based hosting provider. It is called unlimited king for it’s unlimited packages.

Hostgator is a high costing service provider. Because, it has some hosting packages those have unlimited storage. It means it gives you unlimited packages. But, it has a limit to use website to first hosting package and unlimited domains to other two packages. Like namecheap, it has very attractive discount offer. It gives 60% discount on first year purchase.

Hostagtor is different from others to give offers. They give three free services like $100 google adwords and $100 bing ads coupon with their all packages. They give unlimited free email with their packages. There is only one problem that they have no small package in their service like namecheap. But, this provider is the best for marketers who want to create ads in search engines like google and bing.

03. Godaddy

It is older than namecheap and hostgator. In 1997, it was funded by Bob Parsons in United States. It has more customers than namecheap and hostgator. It gives 6 categories hosting services. But, this provider is famous for it’s discount offers on domain registration. It is the most costing service provider.

Godaddy gives at most 57% discount on their packages on first year purchase. They give free domain on yearly hosting purchase like namecheap.

04. Mochahost web hosting

This is the best hosting provider for all webmasters with different programming languages. The three above can’t support java apps or JSP websites. But, Mochahost support all the languages in programming. So, all developers in web or apps like this hosting provider most.

Mochahost support all currencies in the world from users for payment. They support visa or mastercard as a payment method. Anyone who wants all in one hosting package, must need this hosting provider. You can host boh of website and java apps with this hosting provider.

Some users say that it is so high costing. But, this is not correct. We think it is cheaper as services they provide in a package. You can realize their services if you visit their website. They have the most offers for users. And, they have the best discount offers for users. We recommend you to this web server if you are interested to a hosting for lifetime. We think you need not to change your hosting if you are in this. It is higher costing than namecheap. Because, namecheap has small package.

Mochahost will give you a free domain for lifetime with a package by some conditions. But, the condition is very attractive to users if users want to run websites for a long time. You can purchase the service of search engine optimization for you websites to be ranked in search engines. So, if you think that money is not a problem, mochahost is for you as the best web hosting provider.

05. Whois

Whois is the server who give you the information about all public websites. Mainly, it is used to check information about all released websites. It has hosting packages for websites. But, there is a great problem with this provider. They support only paypal as payment method. We think it is a problem to you. And, this problem is enough to avoid them. But, remember that, all hosting providers depend on whois in security issue.

06. Bluehost

In the year of 2003, Matt Heaton founded bluehost in United States. This is another larger company in web hosting service. Bluehost is owned to Endurance International Group. They sell three kinds of hosting like shared, dedicated and VPS hosting. Bluehost start their hosting from 50 GB to unlimited.

This is the only provider who include Microsoft mailbox service to their hosting service. Like others, they have attractive flexible discounts. They Give one domain free for first year only. They have standard performance with free SSL certificates.

07. Hostinger

Hostinger is a private company founded n 2004. It is generated to some different countries. It offers at most 90% discunt with free domain and SSL certifictes. But, we don’t recommend this provider for you. So, avoid this.

08. Hostpapa

Hostpapa is a canadian hosting provider. It is premium but private company. Jamie Opalchuk founded it in 2006. It is not better for all countries but very attractive for Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, European Union, France, Ireland, Belgium and Spain. So, you should realize why this is premium.

Hostpapa give users SSD storage in some different packages. This gives you at most 79% discount on first year purchase. You can get website builder for 2 pages for free. Users will get a free domain registration offer with all hosting packages. You can also get Microsoft 365 and G suite services fro this provider. You can purchase hosting from this company if you are in the countries mentioned above.

09. Siteground

Mainly, Siteground is a Bulgarian company. It was founded on 22nd March, 2004 by Ivo Tzenov. This has so small packagesfor users. But, it is a high costing provider though offers discount. They have special features for wordpress woocomerce webmasters. But, it is not recommended for you out of Bulgaria though it is an international service.

10. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is the oldest hosting provider in the world. It was founded on 10th April, 1996. Sage Weil, Dallas Kashuba, Michael Rodriguez and Josh Jones are the founders. It is also United States based international company. After all, it has the cheapest rate to buy hosting with at most 63% discount on yearly purchase. This provider gives three plans to buy any hosting package.

After that, they give you 97 days money back guaranty if you find out any problem with them. However, we will not forbid you to buy his hosting. Because, this is one of the best hosting provider. So, choice is yours to purchase hosting from here.

11.  A2hosting

This is very famous for it’s high speed feature. Although, price and other features are not very attractive. But, it has discounts like others for users on first year purchase. The migration system of this provider is fully free. Besides, it is well optimized service in the world. We don’t forbid for this. So, choice is yours.

At present, some developers are recommending this provider for their clients to purchase hosting from his provide.

So, what is the best web hosting you think ?

In above, we have learned about some major and best web hosting providers. So, we can easily take decision to purchase a hosting from a provider without any hesitation. But, what is the best web hosting for you ? Here, we are giving you some advice.

Firstly, consider namecheap. This is the best web hosting provider for small business. And, it is better if you have a little amount of money.

Secondly, Hostgator is the best web hosting if you think about unlimited hosting with some marketing offers for all marketers who want to sell products or services in their websites. Because, hostgator gives you two coupons with all packages.

Thirdly, Mochahost is the best web hosting for JSP websites and java apps developer. Because, this provider support all programming language while others don’t. As a result, users can add both of JSP and non JSP websites to this hosting plan.

But, you should remember that you must optimize your website to get better speed. Besides, you need to do search engine optimization and social media marketing like facebook marketing to get traffics. These are your personal tasks. Hosting providers are not responsible for these.

At last, we want to say that it is clear to you what is the best. So that, you have time to choose your plan. Firstly, think about your target. Then choose provider to purchase a plan.