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Search Engine Optimization For Website Ranking | Mehedi Shemul

Hello, this is another article that is so important to all new bloggers. This topic of this article is about Off Page SEO and On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization in WordPress blog and website with Yoast SEO. So, let’s start the discussion.

At first, we will discuss about On Page SEO.

What is On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization ?

Firstly, we have to know what is On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. So, when an article is written and optimized with one or more keywords, is called SEO friendly article. This keyword is called focus key word of this article. Because, total article is focused on this keyword to readers and search engines. This is called On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization.

Why Need On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization ?

At present, there are a lot of articles are written about a certain topic in this world at a time. So, it is so difficult to reach targeted readers of that topic. As a result, most of the bloggers can’t get targeted visitors to their articles. Generally, people search there essential articles with a keyword of topic in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc.

When they search, they can see some website posts out of a huge number in the first page of these search engines. Because, search engine shows the results those are optimized properly with the keyword user used to search. It means, it is must to optimize your articles to show in the first page of search engines with a keyword. Then, you will have a chance to get more visitors to your blog.

How can do It ?

Mainly, to optimize an article for getting first page ranking in search engines, you have to maintain 14 rules and systems for On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization. These 14 rules and systems are:

01. Select a focus keyword
02. Keyword length
03. Keyword In Title
04. Title length
05. Keyword in meta description
06. Meta description length
07. Keyword in slug url
08. Key word in sub header
09. Key word in first paragraph
10. Keyword density in content
11. Inbound link
12. Outbound link
13. Keyword in Image alt text
14. Content length

So, here I will discuss about all these rules and systems for On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization step by step.

Rules to complete On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization :

01. Select a focus keyword for On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization

Firstly, when you decide to write an article, you have to select a topic. This will work as your keyword. So, you need to set it properly. Because, it will be used everywhere to optimize your article. For this, you can use google keyword planner tool which is totally free to use. Secondly, you have to analysis all the keywords related to your topic. Thirdly, select the best one for your article. Fourthly, set this as focus keyword by Yoast SEO plugin on your wordpress website.

02. Keyword length For On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization

It is very important how long your focus keyword is. Because, it has been proved that long tail keyword is more effective than short keyword to optimize your article. So, you should use 3-6 words long keyword for your article to get best result. Because, less words keywords have more competition in search terms.

03. Keyword In Title For On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization

After setting a focus keyword, you have to write a good title for your article. You should remind that you must use the focus keyword in the title of your article. Because, people search by keyword not by full title. So. it’s important to set the keyword in your article title.

04. Title length

When you write a title for you article, don’t forget to use at least 4 words. But, never use more words. Expert SEO analysts said that it’s not better to use more than 7-8 words in title. If, anyone use more words in title, google will not rank that article. So, keep in mind about this rule.

05. Keyword in meta description

Do you what is meta description ? When you search anything in google, you can see some results in the result page. Look it. You can see a url link at first. Then you can see a title. Below the title, you can see some text like brief description about the result. This brief description is called meta description. You must write this meta description to rank your article in search engines by using Yoast SEO Plugin. You must use the focus keyword in this meta description. It is very important.

06. Meta description length

Another important subject for meta description is it’s length. You have to use 20-30 words for your meta description. You should remind that both of less than 20 words and more than 30 words are harmful to your article to be ranked. I mean, your article will not be rank or Google will not rank your article in their first page. So, be careful to use enough words in your meta description.

07. Keyword in slug url

There is another important rule is to use keyword in slug url. I think you can’t understand this. Go to google search page again. See the search results. In every search results, you can see a link at first. This is the slug url. Keep in mind that you must use your focus keyword in this slug url. If you look at the result page, you can see that they used a common keyword in title, meta description and slug url. Please, use 3-6 words in this slug url and use dash (-) between words.

08. Key word in sub header For On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization

Your title is the main header of your article. But, what is sub header ? Sub header is in the article. You must divide your article in some points and give a short name. This short name is called sub header. You must write a sub header in H2 or heading2 format. You can use the default post editor in wordpress to do it. The important rule of this sub header is to use focus keyword in this sub header. This is very important to write SEO friendly article.

09. Key word in first paragraph For On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization

You should keep in mind that you have to divide you full article in some paragraphs. Try to keep every paragraphs in 150 words at most. Now, the most important rule is to use your focus key word in the first paragraph. It is so important to rank your post in search engines.

10. Keyword density in content For On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization

When you use your focus keyword in your article body, you should use it one time in every 300 words. Please, don’t use less or more than this ratio. It is more important than other rules. So, be careful about this. If you use your keyword for less time search engine will not rank your article properly. And, they will not consider your article as important to readers who search this keyword that you use. On the other hand, if you use your keyword more time in your article, your readers will not feel easy to read your article. So, use keyword for enough time.

11. Inbound link For On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization

In your article, use some internal links. Internal links mean another page or post link of your own website. As example, visit wikipedia. You can see that they used more internal links in their articles. As a result, they are always top ranked. When you use internal links in your article, reader will redirected another article of your website. So, it is the good way to keep readers in your website for a long time.

12. Outbound link For On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization

In your article, use some Outbound or external links. External or outbound links mean the related links of other websites. You can use your other social media account url as external links. Note that, when you use external link, search engines mark your article as important to readers and they will get some information from your article. Search engines remind that you wrote this article with more information. They count your external links as the source of information.

13. Keyword in Image alt text

You should attach one or more images to your article. Keep in mind that every image has an alt text with it. You must use your focus keyword as this alt text of image. But, you can’t use non relevant image with article. Sometimes, people search only images in search engines. When they type your keywords, he or she will see the images attached to your articles. If, he open the image to see in full view, he or she will be redirected to website or blog. In your site, he or she can find his or her essential article. It is a good system to get visitors for your blog or website.

14. Content length For On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization

When you complete all rules discussed above, you are now ready to finish your article. Your article must about 1000-2500 words or more. Remind that, an expert has published a report about the length of article. He mentioned that, an article need at 1800+ words to show in first page of search engines. And of course, you have to write a qualified article to attract your readers in future.

To maintain quality of your article you have to increase the readability of your article by using enough active voice sentences, less passive voice sentences. It must be reminded that readability is an important part to rank your article in various search engines by attracting readers day by day.

You should keep in mind that you need readers feedback to grow up your blog site and for this reason, you need to maintain this rules to get some permanent readers for your blog or website. You have to use enough transition words in your article and it needs to be at least 30% of your total words in article.

The other important rule is to use enough sub header in your article when your article is so long. In this regard, you need to use a sub header when you reach 150 words in a paragraph. It means, you need to set a new sub header for every 150 words in your article to write SEO friendly article which you want to rank in search engines to get more visitors and make them your permanent visitors by attracting into your article.

Are these enough For On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization ?

Yes. These are enough to write SEO friendly article. And, remind that all these are part of on page SEO. So, I mean if you complete these actions, your article will fill up the rules about On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization. I have applied all these rules to my article that you can find out and read. So, all of these rules are experimented and trusted to be ranked in search engines.

Now, we will discuss about Off Page SEO for search engine optimization

To get the best results, complete the off page SEO like creating backlinks and sharing site on social medias after doing On Page SEO For Search Engine Optimization.

How can do Off Page SEO ?

Here, we will discuss about some important rules or systems for doing Off Page SEO for website to be ranked on various search engine.

01. Creating backlinks
02. Writing guest posts
03. Sharing on social medias
04. Creating local business profile
05. Sending newsletter

Now, let’s discuss about of these steps mentioned above.

01. Creating backlinks

Backlink is a link for a website or post from another website. It means, when user is redirected t a certain website from a link he clicked in another website, then it is called a backlink. And, all backlinks that are created to complete SEO operation, are called SEO backlinks. Normally, these kind of links are hidden in a text, This text is called anchor text. It means, the link behind an anchor text is called SEO backlink. It is a part for off page SEO to complete search engine optimization.

Importance of SEO backlinks

Basically, it is very important part to rank any website in various search engines like google, bing etc. Search engines consider your website to rank on their search results if they find any backlinks of your website in some other websites. Besides, you can get more visitors to your website from the backlinks in other websites. Because, you have created the backlinks in related websites or posts.

You should remind

To create backlinks, you have to remind an important fact. You have to find out some websites related to your websites content. Please, don’t choose any websites that are not related to your website or blog. Otherwise search engines can consider it as spamming. Then, they will give penalty to your sites. It means, they will banned your website from their search results.

Methods of creating SEO backlinks

Here, we will discuss about the SE backlinks methods like timeline posting, exchanging and guest posting. So, let’s go to the boy of the discussion. These methods are:

I. Timeline post method of SEO backlinks
II. Exchange method of SEO backlinks
III. Guest post method of SEO backlinks
IV. Profile creating method of SEO backlinks

Now, let’s go to the main discussion about these methods.

I. Timeline post method of SEO backlinks

Here, we have listed some ranked websites for you so that you can create backlinks for your website without any problems. Because, these websites are public and support all niche and content type. So, you can create high quality backlinks for your website in these websites without any hesitation.

There are many websites in the world that have features to create backlinks. But, we have listed some very important websites here. These websites have amazing feature to create backlinks on their post update section. These websites are:

  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • Quora
  • Wikipedia
  • Steemit

Now, let’s discuss about all these websites and their features to create backlinks.


It is United States based social media. So, you have understood that who use this. Mainly, people USA, UK and Canada use this social media. Reddit has two categories like user and subreddit. Subreddit means group as like as facebook.

Users from all over the world can’t use this. So, you have to use these three countries’s VPN to get better result. User must select a subreddit to post anything. As a result, you can get many traffics without adding any friends.

Reddit has an amazing features that they have added an editor in their post update section. This editor is as like as wordpress post editor. We think you should understand this editor’s feature. You can create a backlink behind any anchr text while updating post to any subreddit.

But, remind that you have to find out the subreddit related to your website. Then join to this subreddit. After confirmation by an admin you can post there. Write a short paragraph related to the subreddit and create backlinks behind any anchor text you choose. But, you should keep in mind that you must follow the rules of the subreddit that admin set. From here, you can get more effective backlinks.


As, this is a social media based on blogging. User can post here any blog post in directly in timeline. Like Reddit, it has the feature to edit post as wordpress editor while updating blog post.So, You can add your link behind any text as like as you add internal or external links to your post in your wp-admin backend. By this method, you can get very effective backlinks to your website.


You should know about blogger. This is a service of google. You know that youtube is video sharing platform of google with google adsense program. Like this, blogger is a blog sharing platform of goolge with adsense program. And, user get a backend as like as wordpress wp-admin panel.

Here, user can create a blog site like wordpress under a subdomain of blogger. When user create account with google account, he gets this subdomain blog site automatically. User can change the design of his or her blog site under a subdomain of blogger with the backend provided by blogger.

As if, this has admin panel backend like wordpress, you can make post or pages easily with backlinks as much as you want. Besides, you can get ads revenue from this platform with google adsense. As a result, blogger is a double gifted platform for you.


Mainly, it is a Q&A website. Here, user can get visitors and can create backlinks in two amazing ways.

Firstly, user can post his website link directly in timeline or with a community. In this post, user can create backlinks to his website.

Secondly, user can get visitors by answering the related question to your website from other users. In his comment section, you can create backlinks. But, keep in mind, you should write a long and unique answer. Don’t share your link directly without anchor text. Otherwise, Quora will remove your answer claiming as spam.

So, you should add your link to website behind any anchor text in your long term answer to any related answer.


This is the number one blog website in the world. Most of the people visit this website read articles for information. In this website, you can see at the end of the articles, there is a list of referral websites or external websites. When you will be a registered and logged in user, you can see an edit option there. Just click and insert your related post link on there. After a review process, moderators will approve your link. So, you will get the powerful backlinks.


Steemit is a social media for blogging. Basically, it rewards users with cryptocurrency. This website has has a feature of editing post as like as wordpress. It means, you can easily add your links under an anchor text in the post you want to share in steemit. As if, his is a high ranked website. So, you can get a high quality backlinks from this website.

II. Exchange method of SEO backlinks

For this kind of method, you have to find out some websites related to your website. To do this, you can find many tools on google. Then, you need to write a proposal to exchange backlinks. After that, send the proposal to the admin of these related websites. You can use their admin email or contact form. Some of them will accept your proposajl and you can exchange backlinks. It is very effective way.

III. Guest post method of SEO backlinks

This is the most powerful method to generate backlinks to your website. There are many blog website with the feature like submit a guest post. Write an article by following their rules and submit the post on their submit page. Their submit post page has a feature of post editing like wordpress. So, you can easily generate backlinks from there. You have to submit unique articles under the niche of them i related to your website.

IV. Profile creating method of SEO backlinks

Now, there are many websites in this world that have feature to create a profile like social medias an others. Please, select those websites ad create profile for your site. Main important fact is that you have to add your website link in those profile. By this, you can get some permanent and high quality backlinks to your website. This method will give two gift. One is backlink and another is social media marketing.

02. Sharing on social medias

This is another important step for off page SEO. There are many social media websites. You have to create an account on those sites for your website. Then, link your website to those accounts. And, keep updated with those by sharing all your web posts to on there.Search engines count this action as valuable to rank your site.

03. Creating local business profile

This is an option by google. Go to google and search by the keyword “local business profile”. Then go the link and create your local business profile. As a result, google will consider your site as a business website and rank it. You can also submit your site to all search engines by using

04. Sending newsletter

Collect huge number of email accounts from goolge. Then select all active emails. Now, create a template with important links of your website and send the template to those emails. For this, you can use mailchimp. By mailchimp, you can send bulk emails in once.

Now, we will discuss about some common mistakes that new bloggers can make

What is the common SEO mistakes in search engine optimization ?

At present, search engine optimization is the most important skills for bloggers and digital marketers to develop their website ranking in various search engines. But, all new bloggers can make some mistakes while they want to complete both of on page seo and off page seo. Those mistakes are very common. For these reason, those are called common SEO mistakes.

What will be happened if those common SEO mistakes are made ?

If someone makes these mistakes his or her website will loss ranking in search engines if already ranked. And, website will not be ranked if site is newly launched. As a result, his or her blogging career will not be successful. So, you must be careful to this mistakes.

What common SEO mistakes are made ?

There are some mistakes we will discuss here that can be made by new bloggers generally. The mistakes are:

01. Not connect to the search console
02. Not set canonical link
03. More external links in post
04. Few internal links in post
05. Not use analytics tools
06. Not verify with some social media
07. Anchor text spamming
08. Not select related websites

Let’s discuss about these common SEO mistakes:

01. Not connect to the search console

This is the first step to start search engine optimization for a all bloggers and marketers. In fact, without this step search engine optimization is not possible to anyone. Because, your website will appear in search results only if you connect to the search consoles of search engines like google search console and bing webmaster. Without this step, your website will not be appeared in search results.

02. Not set canonical link for search engine optimization

Canonical link tag is the direction to the search engines that which directory they will use to rank your website. There are many version of the url of website like: