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Social Media Marketing To Sell More Products – Mehedi Shemul | Programmer And Marketing Consultant

Hello, dears. In this article, I will discuss about Digital Marketing Strategy With Social Media Marketing. Specially, best social media for digital marketing. At first, we want to know about the facilities of various social websites. There are many social websites like facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, reddit, linkedin, youtube, blogger, twitch, steemit, and tumblr. Besides, there are many apps based social medias like what’s app, viber, imo, skype, snapchat, tiktok etc.

Now, Let me to discuss about Social Media Marketing:

Mainly, I will discuss here about the social media websites to know Digital Marketing Strategy With Social Media Marketing those are needed to do this job with the best results. As a result, you will be informed about positive social media marketing strategy. So, let’s discuss about Digital Marketing Strategy With Social Media Marketing. This is so important for search engine optimization.

Facebook for Social Media Marketing

It was founded on 4th February, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. It’s headquarters is in Menlo Park, California, United States.

Now a days, facebook marketing is very important to the marketers to sell more products easily. Mainly, it is a part of social media marketing. Besides, it is also a part of digital marketing. If any marketers use facebook to sell products or services, it is called facebook marketing. It is the easiest and most favorite  marketing way to the marketers.

Why need to know facebook marketing strategy ?

Ate present, most of the internet users are using facebook more than other social medias. And, facebook is very easy to use for all. It is used all over the world. It gives the greatest chance to create marketing t the targeted audience. For paid marketers, it is the cheapest way to reach more traffics for their products or services. So, you need to learn this kind of marketing strategy to continue your business successfully in the competition with other competitors. Mainly, it is needed to the CPA and affiliate marketers to get more leads.

Steps for free method of facebook marketing

Basically, marketers can do marketing in both of free and paid method in facebook. At first, we will discuss about the free method of marketing in facebook. There are some steps to complete for a marketers i free method. Such as:

I. Complete real account
II. Maintain security of personal account
III. Adding friends
IV. Using group
V. Using page
VI. Using inbox
VII. Using timeline
VIII. Using Stories
IX. Using live streaming

Now, we will discuss about all of these steps.

I. Complete real account for facebook marketing

After creating an account, you have to complete your personal account with all information about yourself. It is very important. Facebook consider your account as real if you fill up all fields in your account. Keep in mind that, your profile photo is the most important to complete your account. Please, use a photo that shows your face clearly.

II. Maintain security of personal account

At present, this is an issue which is very important. Firstly, you need to set up privacy for your best security. Then, you need to set up your facebook account security to prevent hacking. Because, security is the most important to the marketers. Go to settings and then security to set up your account security. Please, click on the colored text to know details about facebook account security.

III. Adding friends

In this step, you need to add some friends by sending friend request. Please, keep in mind that you have to send a limited friend requests everyday. Don’t cross the number 27 for sending friend requests. Otherwise, you will be blocked by facebook. You need to add friends for sharing your products to them.

IV. Using group

In free method, it is better than other to use facebook group to reach more traffics. At first, you can create a group and add your friends to the group by inviting them. As a result, you can make a great and permanent audience for your business. Please, don’t forget to add one or two admins in your group for best security.

If, your account will be blocked by facebook anytime, you can recover your group by the admins you have added. After adding members to the group, share your products or services in this group. It is very effective.

Besides, you have to find out some large groups related to your business. Then, join those group. After approval, post something informational speech to this group. And, few days later, share your products in this group. But, be careful to share more links. Just share a few links in a day, And, be careful o spam means sharing products with same writings in different groups.

V. Using page

Firstly, you need to create a business page for your business. Then, decorate the page properly. After that, invite your friends to like or follow the page for next update. In page, you can share more links to your products or services without any problems. And, request your friends to invite all of their friends to your page. By this, your page will grow up day by day. In this way, you will get a permanent audience for your business.

Like the previous steps, you need to add one or two admins in your page. This will make two benefits of your page. One is to keep the activity of your page and another is to recover your page if your account will be disabled.

VI. Using inbox

When you have added many friends in your account, you have to share the products or services of your business in the inbox of your friends. Send them link to them by inbox. In this way, you can get most valuable traffics to your business. But, you should be careful to send more links to one friend in a day. And, you have be careful to send more than 20 links in a day.

Because, facebook will monitor your inbox if you send more than the limit. They can block your inbox facilities for a few days. So, be careful to send links.

VII. Using timeline

At this stage, you have many friends in your friends list. Now, share your links in you timeline and request your friends to share the post you have updated. As a result, your products will reach more traffics. And, maintain your limit to share links in your timeline as usual. And, don’t post same links twice or more.

These are enough to complete facebook marketing in free method. Now, we will discuss about the paid method for facebook marketing.

VIII. Using Stories

At present, facebook gives a chance to share a short history for 24 hours only. You can add your recent activities like images or short notes in this section. For best result, you can add your short note about products in story section. All of your friends can see the short note. So, your products will get more traffics.

IX. Using live streaming

It is an amazing feature of facebook. You can host a live session with your personal account, group or business page. A lot of people are attracted to live streaming. Firstly, create a short video or host a live video to explain your products or services. Secondly, update a link to your products or services in the caption area of your streaming. You will get more traffics from here.

Paid method for facebook marketing

Paid method is more effective than free method. Because, in paid method, you can select the area of your targeted audience. Also, you can select the age range of your targeted audience. Besides, you can select more option in paid method. There are some steps to be maintained for paid method. Such as:

I. Having Paypal or valid credit card
II. Ready to invest money
III. Creating a page
IV. Creating campaign
V. Setup audience target

Now, we will discuss about these steps.

I. Having Paypal or valid credit card

For paid method, you must have a paypal account or a master card or a visa card with international currency. Because, facebook doesn’t support the financial account with local currency. So, you must have one of these. Otherwise, you can’t do paid marketing.

II. Ready to invest money

First of all, you must be ready to invest money. Because, facebook will charge you or each click or action in paid method. So, you have enough money in the currency of United States Dollar I mean USD. You can use other currencies from your international card.

III. Creating a page

It is the must step to do paid marketing in facebook. You can’t do paid method by group or personal account. Firstly, you must have a business page. Secondly, you must have post of the products that you want to boost. So, make your page ready to use for paid marketing.

IV. Creating campaign

When you are ready with a complete business page, you are now in the step of creating a campaign. When you post something to your page you must see the boost option in the action bar of your post. But, you can’t boost the post with background and with the default facebook template of products. You can only boost the post with links or images.

Now, go to the boost option and set up all the targeted option like age, area, gender, location and interests to get the best results for your business. Then set up your cost target that you want to spend for this campaign. In here, you need to add your credit card information. Then, click on submit. Facebook will approve your campaign after a review within 15 minutes. Your add will reach once your add will be approved.

Besides, you can boost your page without any content to increase followers of your business page. You can get permanent followers or liker for your business. Next, you can use this permanent audience for business growth. Every marketers have a business page with this kind of permanent visitors.

Now, we will discuss about facebook account security

What is facebook account security ?

At present, facebook is the most important social media to everyone in this world. It is so difficult to find out someone who doesn’t have any facebook account or page. It has been a part and parcel to our daily life. But, there is a great problem here. That is facebook account security. The steps those we have to take to prevent our facebook account from hacking is called facebook account security.

Why need facebook account security ?

Now a days, people are using facebook to communicate with each other all over the world. They share important data and files. Somebody likes to share personal moments to respected and trusted friends circle. If hacker can hack any facebook account, he or she can access all the data and files those are personal of the real owner of that account.

hackers can share this secured data and files to everywhere so that the real users suffer from a lot in future. Besides, hackers will sell this personal information for money. And, this will cause a great problem for real user. Even, hackers use the data in criminal activities. Then, the real users will be caught by law. I think you are not interested to be caught by law. So, to prevent this unexpected accident in this popular social media, you have to secure your facebook account.

What are the steps to maintain facebook account security ?

There are some important steps to maintain facebook account security. Such that:

I. Use complex password
II. Remove unauthorized logins
III. Avoid third party logins
IV. Activate two step authentication
V. Avoid browser saving
VI. Set up privacy

Now, let’s discuss about these steps mentioned above.

I. Use complex password

You must use complex password. Because, most of the accounts are hacked for weak password. Don’t use any word from dictionary, your birthday, mobile or phone number, any sentences, same to email, plain text or number, your name etc as your password. You should use mix of capital and small letters, special characters and number in your password. Keep in mind that you should use at least 12 characters in your password.

II. Remove unauthorized logins

Sometimes you need to log in to your account from another devices or browsers those are not belong to you. It is recommend to you to remove those logins from there after using. You need to log out and then go to security settings from your device to remove those logins. And, keep in mind that you should not save login information to any browsers or devices.

III. Avoid third party logins

This is the most important step. There are some websites, apps or games those require login with facebook account. Please, don’t do this anymore. they have connected to facebook API and collect your login access from facebook. So, it is so risky to you to login with facebook to any third party websites, apps or games.

IV. Activate two step authentication

You need to set up two step authentication from settings of your facebook account. In this option, you can set your personal number to authenticate your login with any browsers or devices. When you try to log in to facebook by email or number and password, facebook will send a one time password (OTP) means approval code to your phone through the number that you set. You need to insert that code in the next step to log in successfully. So, hackers can’t log in because you belong to the number that will receive the OTP. By this step, you will be the owner of a fully secured facebook account.

V. Avoid browser saving

Sometimes people save the username and password in the browser for next log in. It is not good for your security. Hackers sometimes can track your device to get this saved information. Once, hackers can get these, remind that you will be hacked. So, delete the cookies an cache of browser after use. And, don’t save lo gin information to the browser.

VI. Set up privacy For Facebook Account Security

At last, you need to set up your own privacy from your account privacy setting as you want. But. it’s recommended to use account or profile lock option for better security. As a result, unknown person can’t get any information about you without your permission.

After all, don’t share any information about your facebook account to anyone. If you have already done these steps mentioned above in your facebook account, your facebook account is now more secured than previous. But, you should remind that virtual world like social media is not 100% secured anytime. It’s just a process to be secured than any other users. So, happy facebooking.

Conclusion of facebook marketing

These are the steps of complete facebook marketing. Remind that this marketing is important after the marketing with search engine optimization for a business. If, you have realized these steps of facebook marketing, you are now ready to start this for your business. But, keep in mind that you will be the expert marketer after more practice. So, keep it continue. Best of wishes. At last, Happy marketing.

Instagram for social media marketing

Basically, Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and originally launched on iOS in October 2010.

This a photo sharing service of facebook. In this platform, user can create account or use with facebook account. Here, user can get followers but can’t add friends or create any page or group. When, user create a boosting campaign on facebook, it includes instagram to reach people. There is no other boosting option on instagram.

Twitter for social media marketing

Twitter was founded on 21st March, 2006 by Jack Dorsey with Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass.

Users called twitter as celebrity platform. In this site, all the players, artists, politicians and important persons of world create account to share their feelings. It is called micro blogging site also. Because, it does’t give to share unlimited characters in a single post. Like facebook, it has no option to create page or group.

User can create only an account. And user can’t add any friends but can get unlimited followers. When user update any post, his/her followers can see and react on this post. The post of user is called tweet.

On a tweet followers can retweet or like. It is so difficult to promote products in twitter without any cost. But, user can get the best result from twitter in paid method. The cost of paid method in twitter is higher than facebook. But, user can get more quality people than facebook to their global products.

Linked In For Social Media Marketing

Reid Hoffman, Konstantin Guericke, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Allen Blue and Eric Ly founded Linkedin for professional users in the world in the year of 2002.

This is the best social media website for all professionals in the world. All VIP persons I mean professional person use this platform. An account of linked in can be said a complete CV. It is as like as facebook.

User can use this platform as like as facebook. It has option to create account, company page and group. User can promote their products by free and paid method. The cost is so high in linked in than facebook or twitter. But, user can get better quality people as their client or customer than facebook. For this, you need to create a business page.

What is linkedin business page ?

At present, linkedin is the most important social media website for social media marketing. It is also a part of search engine optimization. To complete linkedin marketing, you need a company page in linkedin. But, you may have question in mind what is business page. At first, we have to discuss about this. Actually, linkedin business page means the official page of your company that represents your company or business.

Importance of linkedin business page

Mainly, linkedin is a social media that contains the users who are professionals in any business or service. So, a user who needs to show his profession must add job title of his own business. Besides, to complete social media marketing linkedin offers you to create a company page to spread your business. Firstly, it is very important to create a business page to make a paid promotional campaign on linkedin. Secondly, it represents your business or company.

Requirements to build a page in linkedin

As other social media websites, this is not easy to build a page in linkedin. You have to complete some requirements to create a page in linkedin. The requirements are pointed below:

I. User profile age
II. User profile’s information
III. User profile’s strength
IV. Adding business webmail as email
V. Must have connections

Now, let’s discuss about these requirements in brief:

I. User profile age

Linkedin page creation has been restricted for newly created profile of users. User’s profile must be 7 days old. I mean, user’s profile’s age must be 7 days at least to create a page on linkedin. Otherwise, if any profile’s age is less than 7 days, this profile can’t create any page on linkedin.

II. User profile’s information

Secondly, users must add the job title related to their business to their account. Imagine, you are the CEO of your business. So. you have to add this job title in your experience section of your profile. Because, it needs to be showed clearly your post on the business or company. You must add the company or business name to your profile in work experience section.

III. User profile’s strength

Thirdly, user’s profile’s strength means the level of your profile. It is dependent on all information that you add to your profile. Linkedin shows a scale of strength based on information of your profile. So, you have to complete your profile with ll information that linkedin required. Your profile must reach at intermediate level as strength. The highest scale of strength for linkedin profile is all stars level. So, you need to reach at intermediate or all stars level.

IV. Adding business webmail as email

It is the most important step to gain ability to create a page on linkedin. Your business must have an email address as the your business name that will be linked to your linkedin profile and will be verified. It is required to add this email to profile. But, it is not required to be the primary email. You can use more than one email to your account. It means, the domain of email must be unique to the name of your business or company.

It will be easy if you have website domain with the name of your business. Then, you can create an email from hosting cpanel of your website. This is the webmail. Suppose, our business name is dueath with a domain So, we had to create an email [email protected] This is our webmail. Look that, our email’s domain and our business domain are same. And, we have added and verified this email to our linkedin profile.

V. Must have connections

You must connect with some people in linkedin. It is like to add friend in facebook. You need to add some friends in your profile. In linkedin, these are connections. You must have some connections.

After all, all of these rules are required for a new users to create a business page on linkedin. If, you have completed these requirements already, you can create your linkedin business page. Otherwise, you can’t. But, keep in mind that you can create only one business page for a profile. You can add more admins to your business page. At last, best wishes to you for creating a professional business or company page to promote your business in linkedin.

Pinterest for social media marketing

Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp founded this website in December, 2009. But, it was launched in 2010.

Pinterest is as like as instagram. I mean it is photo sharing platform. People can’t post any article here. Only photo sharing is allowed. But, there is a little different from instagram. Here, user can use paid method that is so costly. Pinterest is not so good for marketing.

Tumblr for social media marketing

David Karp founded tumblr in 2007. It’s headquarters is in New York. Verizon Media Launched this webiste.

Tumblr is like twitter. But, there is a different from twitter. Tumblr is a fully blogging site. User can get unlimited followers in tumblr. But, user can’t add friends or create page or group. User has to post a blog in timeline. Tumblr is not good for promotion of any product or service.

Youtube For Social Media Marketing

Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley founded Youtube on 14th February, 2005 in California, United States.

Youtube is a service of google. It is a video sharing platform. User can use it with or without a google I mean gmail account. But, to share videos, user has to create a channel. In youtube channel, user can upload videos with product or service. Here, user can get unlimited subscribers to channel. User can make reviews or any kind of video to promote products or services.

When the channel reaches a targeted number of subscribers and views youtube gives a chance to earn money by uploading videos. This is called google adsense program. So, youtube is a double gift to users. User can promote product or service and can earn money from ads showed on video by adsense.

Reddit for social media marketing

Alexis Ohanian, Steve Huffman and Aaron Swartz founded Reddi on 23rd June, 2005 in United States.

This a different social media website than others. Here, user can create an account. User can get unlimited followers. But, followers number is not important here. User can update post easily. But, the question is if user has no followers, who see the post ? Answer is ready. Reddit has many subreddits for users.

Every subreddit is created for different niche. People related the niche join to the subreddit. It is important to say that subreddits are like group or community. User does’t need to create subreddit. Those are create already.

User can post to the subreddit that is related to product or service. The most important thing is that most of the people in reddit are from USA. So, user can get USA customer from reddit easily.

Reddit is a platform, there user can promote product or service without any cost. User can boost in paid method. But, this is highest cost of all social media website. But, why do you need to do this ? You can get a larger number of people than other social media to your products in free method. It is the best part of Digital Marketing Strategy With Social Media Marketing.

Blogger for social media marketing

Pyra Labs created this blogging website on 23rd august, 1999. Google bought this in 2003.

This is another service of tech giant google. Mainly, it is a tool to create website without purchasing any domain or hosting. You can create your website as a sub domain in blogger. In this site, user can create backlinks also. There are many people read blog in blogger. So, you can get more sells from blogger by sharing your products or services.

Like youtube, user can earn from blogger without any product. Google adsense supports blogger to show ads. From this, users can earn money as ad revenue. So, blogger is another double gift to users. Users must have a gmail account to use or create any sub domain blog site in blogger.

Twitch for social media marketing

Amazon introduced this live streaming website in 2011. This is a live streaming website. Like youtube, you can create channel here. By this channel, you can upload or host a live streaming session. You can share your products with his video streaming. But, you should keep in mind that this a premium website. So, you will get premium users to your business. It ill make better revenue for your business.

Steemit for social media marketing

Steemit is a social media for blogging. It is an American company. Daniel Larimer is the original author of this website. He released steemit in 2016. The main important fact of this website is that it rewards users for blogging with cryptocurrency. It is a popular website. So, you can get more traffics from this social media. Like blogger, it is also a double gifted platform.

What’s App for social media marketing

Brian Acton and Jan Koum are the original author of What’s app. They created it and released in 3rd May, 2009.

Now, this is owned to facebook. In this world, what’s app is the most popular social media app at present. It has many interesting features like contact upload from phone, group chat, audio and video calling etc. With these features, you can promote your business easily. It has an advantage that you can contact your visitors directly.

Viber for social media marketing

Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinnik created it under Japanese Company Rakuten. Viber is as like as what’s app. It is also a calling app. It has features like personal chat, group chat, audio or video calling etc. From here, you can get more traffics.

Imo for social media marketing

It is also owned to facebook. Imo was released in 2007. It is the easiest social media app to use. But, there is no premium quality people in imo. So, it will not be enough effective for your business. It is goo for your local business but not for global business.

Skype for social media marketing

Priit Kasesalu, Jaan Tallinn, Ahti Heinla and Toivo Annus are the original author of Skype. The initial release date is August, 2003. It has android, ios, mac, linux and windows supported feature. At present, this is owned to Microsoft. It is a standard app to communicate with customers. But, at present, it has less popularity in this world. It is best only for personal contact.

Snapchat for social media marketing

Evan Spiegel; Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown are the original author of Snapchat. The initial release date is 8th July, 2011. Snapchat is a website to share short video with an interesting content. In this content, you can add your products for a while. Besides. users can chat here. It will not be the best way but not bad.

Tiktok for social media marketing

Zhang Yiming founded it in 2012. But, it was released in 2016. ByteDance owned to this chinese based video sharing app. Tiktok is another app as like as snapchat. It gives chance to share short video. So, you can share your products. Besides, you can earn from tiktok by gaining coins. And, then you can convert our coins to dollars. At present, Tiktok is the most popular video sharing platform after youtube.

Now, Which is the best social media for marketing ? I hope You Understand about Social Media Marketing.

There are more social media websites in this world. But, in this, article I discussed about most important and popular websites. Now, I want to say that which is the best ? In my point of view, reddit is the best for free method. Because, here you can get more USA people that other sites. And as a double gifted site, youtube is the best. Then, twitter is better than other in paid method. But, for local product, facebook is the best social media. But, I know that you may have different choice. Here, I mentioned my personal opinion to you.

So, you can choice which is the best social media for marketing for digital marketing to grow up your business. And, this is the first lesson for Social Media Marketing For Digital Marketing Strategy.